RED Underwater Housing


Fortunes - Focus (Underwater Camera Operator)

This custom hand-made underwater housing is designed for RED EPIC and RED DRAGON cameras. The port is custom made to focus & fit our vintage Leica-R lens kit but able to accomodate other lenses depending on size and production requirements.

Equipment is available for dry hire or please enquire here for operating services. 

Kit Includes: 

RED Underwater Housing

1 x Leica-R fitted port (fits 28mm, 35mm, 50mm, 90mm lens)

2 x Fitted Gears

2 x Weight Belts 

8 x 1.4lb Dive Weights

RED EPIC Additional Kit Includes:

6 x Red Bricks

RED Brick Charger

4 x 64GB RED Mags

RED Touch 5.O Screen

RED EPIC M (EF or PL mount available)

REDMAG 1.8” Card Reader

Wooden Camera Cinecoil LVD/EVF CABLE (Black)